Let me begin with how much I love my brother. I really do. However, today was different. Today he brought over his new puppy. I love dogs so I was excited to meet the puppy, only when he brought the dog over, I realized it wasnít a little puppy. It was a very tall black lab mix of some sort. It was 2 years old and it was a rescue dog. Basically, my brother didnít know anything about this dog. I think he got it so he wouldnít have to be alone.

Anyway, he brought the dog over who immediately proceeded to jump up on my lap with his muddy paws. Any attempt my brother made to stop this behavior was very much ignored by the dog. See, my brother does not come off as being very assertive. After this animal was done mauling me, it decided it would be the most fun thing ever to run over to my beautiful garden and tear it up. He was so big and so strong that I could not get him out of there. He tore up all of my beautiful plants and flowers! Now it looks terrible out there. Do you want to know what my brother did? He laughed in a dismissive way that basically told me he was not fit to have a dog this powerful. I swear, if he ever brings that dog over again Iím putting poison ivy in my garden as a present for that dog.

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