This past weekend I threw a party. I wanted everything to be perfect. It was for nothing particular, just an excuse to eat a lot and drink a lot. I planned on appetizers and a main dish of chicken and potato salad and everything good. I was so excited.

I had my friend, Greg, come and help out beforehand. He is a marvelous cook. He can go through a kitchen and use only the ingredients already there to make a 3 course meal. I had never had a bad meal from him. He is the undisputed best cook. I say cook, because he is not a professional chef. Greg was left in charge of the food, and happy to do so. He spent the day in my kitchen and the smells were mouth-watering. I couldnít wait to eat. And as they began showing up, neither could anyone else. We were all starving. So we had drinks, danced, laughed, talked, and finally ate. It was buffet style, nothing fancy. Needless to say we all ate until we were unbelievably stuffed full. I was starting to think this was the best party ever. That was until everyone began getting sick.

It started with just 2 people fighting over the bathroom, and then 1 other person left very suddenly. At first I didnít understand what the problem was. Then I felt my stomach gurgle and wave after wave of overwhelming cramps hit me. Someone even ended up throwing up in my front yard. In the end, out of all 12 of us who were there, all 12 of us got food poisoning. Greg swears he has no idea how that could have happened. All I know is that I have never felt so sick in my entire life. That was, without a doubt, the worst party ever!

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