My grandmother died last week. It was sad, but it was time. She was old and sick and was ready to be with my grandfather. She was even beginning to become a little disoriented, so talk of a retirement home was starting to come up between us family members. When she did die, it was peaceful and in her bed. It was where she wanted to be which helped comfort us all a little.

Her funeral was nice. My two closes friends knew my grandma and knew she had passed. I also called my sister and an uncle that live out of state to let them know what had happened. They both seemed saddened, but okay. That was fine. The part that upset me was that none of these people had the common courtesy to send a card or flowers. I understand not going to the funeral, especially my two friends, and the family members were so far away. However, why wouldnít any of them extend their deepest sympathies in something other than a simple Iím sorry for your loss? Am I being old fashioned? Do people do this anymore? It would have been nice to see a few more flowers or plants at the funeral home or to receive a card. I know I always do that. If I know the person who died or I am close to someone who was affected by the death I will at least send a card, or splurge on a nice plant or flowers.

Maybe I am being picky. I seemed to be the only person kind of upset about this so I suppose I will let it go. Itís not worth being mad at my friends or holding a grudge against my sister and uncle. I guess I will let it go.

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