I went to a funeral this week. I hate funerals, but they are important for us living people to find closure and to show a final respectful goodbye and give a proper burial to the one who passed. I know they are necessary, but they are also sad and I find them slightly uncomfortable. The one I went to was not really to say goodbye to the deceased because I really didnít care about them so much, it was mostly to support my friend, Shelly. She needed me there. Really no one else showed up. I think that was the saddest part of the whole thing. That and the fact that Shelly spent the time, energy and money to give her cat a proper funeral and only 4 people, including Shelly, showed up.

Thatís right, a funeral for her cat. The catís name was Spooky (it was a black cat) and it was 12 years old. I told her it was a good thing. Spooky was old in cat years, but really I donít have any idea how to figure cat years, I just assumed the cat was old. It was also a mean cat so I didnít particularly like it. It hissed and clawed at me every time I saw it. I could not understand why my friend kept the stupid thing. And I really didnít understand the whole funeral. I had never heard of a funeral done for an animal before, especially one for a house cat that terrorized any visitor that came to the house.

Iím not being mean, I am just being honest. On time, the cat actually lunged at my jugular. Iím not making this up. I walked through the dining room and out of nowhere I heard a loud meow/growl from the cat and it was flying through the air towards the veins in my neck. This cat was smart, Iíll give it that. It knew how to kill someone. Luckily I caught it before it made contact. I remember holding the cat in my hands with its face in front of mine and feeling scared. It was making a really low-sounding growling noise and stared into my eyes. I honestly believe the cat was trying to intimidate me so Iím glad itís gone, but I am sad for Shelly even though I think she may be as insane as the cat was for spending $3,000 and giving it a funeral.

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