If I hadnít seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. I am not sure anyone reading this will believe it either. Before going on, I must say that I completely understand and sympathize with many people who are unwillingly homeless for one reason or another. For most, this is not a choice, but an unfortunate side-effect of life.

There is a guy who sits next to a vacant parking lot almost every day. It is obvious that he is homeless and, per his sign, he is asking for money. Any little bit helps, it says. He is an older man and looks very thin, like he may have been through a lot. I run a lot of errands some days and on one day in particular, I drove by him several times. I noticed that the whole time he was there, a single car was parked in the vacant parking lot. It was a BMW. I didnít think anything of it. The last time I drove by the man, it was almost dark. I was actually stopped at a red light a little bit away from where this car was parked. I saw this man gather his stuff, walk over to the BMW, get in, and drive away.

I was in shock. I still am. Iím not sure if there is anything I should be doing. Do I confront him? Every day he is still there and every day his BMW is parked in the parking lot.

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