I decided it would be a good idea to get a puppy. I had been thinking about it for a while and I thought it was time. I wanted to get a breed that was easy to train and known to be loyal as well as an appropriate guard dog. Since I am not one to take decisions like this lightly, I took my time and did my research on the breeds I had been considering. I was thinking about a border collie, boxer, bulldog, springer spaniel, or a lab. These are all good breeds to choose from. I watched them all the time on the dog shows. They seemed to be highly trainable and popular. So, I started looking at ads in the newspaper for puppies. I wanted a puppy to bring home and train from scratch to be my own dog that I was responsible for their perfect behavior.

After looking in the ads for puppies, I realized I was going to have to spend at least $400-$1,500 for a purebred puppy. I had not accounted for that and was disappointed. So, I went for a walk. I walked through the mall and got an ice-e. It made me feel a little better. That was when I noticed an animal shelter set up in one of the vacant stores. I went in and immediately saw a short brown dog with shaggy hair and a white-tipped tail. His eyes were also brown and, as it almost always is with dogs, they looked sad. I went over to the large chain-linked kennel he was living in and watched him. He looked at me and perked his head and ears up. Suddenly he didnít look so sad. He looked interested in me and got up to walk over to where I was standing, his tail moving back and forth slowly. I crouched down and stuck my finger in the cage to touch him. His tail moved faster.

I knew right then that I had found my dog. I looked at the paper on the kennel that had his information. He was 2 years old. His name was Murry. He was an unknown mixed breed. He was not what I had pictured in my head. He was not a puppy, someone else had taught him all he knew, and he was a mutt. No other dog looked like him, and now, he was mine.

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