I have come to the conclusion that any time the words vaccine and flu are used together, I will no longer shy away from the needle or mist out of fear of side-effect or just pure laziness. I will from now on be the first in line. I have decided to become the jerk that pushes the old people and babies out of the way to make sure I get my flu shot that I deserve. I must be sure to get one before they run out. Isnít there a shortage scare every year?

This year I got the flu. I finally know why there is such a vaccine. The flu is nothing like a cold. Nothing! It is like death. You are helpless and a prisoner in your own sickly body. Your mind is gone, and you just wish for an end to the agony. Granted, I was lucky. I am healthy enough that it did not send me to the hospital, but I still felt like I was on my death bed. I remember the exact moment I got the flu. I say this because this type of thing does not come on slowly. It hits you. And not like a bus or car. It is like a train. I felt like I was suddenly hit by a train.

I have never, in my life, felt so utterly vulnerable and ill. It completely overwhelmed me and brought me to my knees. The worst part is that I didnít have anyone available that could take care of me. Itís not that people donít love me; itís just that everyone had their own lives and couldnít take the time out to take care of me. I vow, from this day forward, to never, ever scoff at a flu vaccine again. I will always get one. I will always recommend one and I promise I wonít actually push old people and babies out of the way so I can be the first in line, I will just get in line before anyone else does. Maybe Iíll camp out the night before.

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