Recently one of my avid hunter friends has convinced me to consider deer hunting. Anyone who knows me knows that hunting is definitely not in my blood. I mean, I donít even look like a hunter, not that I really know what a hunter looks like. I guess that is somewhat stereotypical to assume that hunters have a certain look, but it seems like they do. Anyway, I decided I may give it a try this year. At least I was considering it, until just recently.

This friend of mine thought the best thing to do to prepare me for hunting is to watch this television show that is all about hunting. It shows the hunters in blinds or tree stands with their guns or with their bows to hunt with. The worst part though is that it actually shows the hunting. It shows the deer itself being killed. I know that any hunter will argue the reasons for population control when it comes to any sort of game that is allowed to be hunted, but they can argue that until they are blue in the face to me and it wonít change my mind at all.

These poor deer donít know what hit them and then they try to run away from the arrow in their side or the gunshot that pierced through them until they just collapse and die. The worst part is how excited these hunters are that they just killed something. Instead of seeing it as a necessary evil, they see it as the best thing they have ever done. To me, it seems utterly crazy and absolutely heartless. They drag these poor dead animals around like trophyís, and as ridiculous as it sounds, some even cry when they get a really big buck. Yeah, I donít think itís for me.

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