I am not trying to be a scaredy-cat or anything, since I am an adult and all; however, I had a bad experience the other night. I went out to see a scary movie. This one was really scary. It is also a very popular movie. That night I went home and was happy to find out that everyone else was gone for the night. I spent the rest of the night watching t.v. and having a little wine. Suddenly, as the night went on, the trailer for this movie began to play every few commercial breaks.

Now, at night, seeing even this simple trailer by itself gave me the creeps. What happened next is so cliché that there is no possible way I could have made it up. There was a thunderstorm. Yes, a thunderstorm. I sat very still on my couch and suddenly wished everyone would come home. Suddenly a big clap of thunder sounded and lightening struck. That was when the power went out. I didn’t think it could get any scarier than this, but I was wrong. The only noise was the sound of me breathing very hard and the sound of thunder and rain. I was still afraid to move. That was when every dish I had stacked in my dish drainer fell. It was extremely loud. Like a little baby, I screamed and threw a blanket over my head. I stayed like that until I was awoken the next morning by the sun coming through the windows.

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