I must admit, I have a pet peeve. I had no idea I would ever acquire one over something so petty. My pet peeve is just this…The other parents at my daughter’s school, and not just a few of them. I’m talking about basically every single one. This is my first year being a “parent of the school” because my oldest is only in Kindergarten. At first I just thought that the school was unique and all of the parents united and helped with fundraisers and classroom activities only because they wanted to. Boy was I wrong about that. Turns out you are actually peered pressured and forced into doing any of these!

I learned my first lesson about this when a coupon book was sent home in my child’s backpack. Each child’s parents can either “opt out” or go ahead and sell the book. I was informed that this was only the first of many other fundraising opportunities. So, since I knew there were other times that I could fundraise, I decided to opt out. Everything was fine. I knew I would help out when I could, that is until I spoke to another parent at the school and they asked how many books we had sold so far. I explained to this particular parent that we were not doing the books this year. My explanation was surprisingly met with a small gasp from this seemingly normal person and she went on to explain that EVERYONE sells the books, how else does the school get money? Okay, what? I mean, who takes this stuff so seriously? She had to be kidding. I’m not a “deadbeat”. I just didn’t do this one thing. I laughed and asked her if we really had to do every fundraiser, there are so many. This parent, very seriously I might add, looked at me and said, “Yeah, you have to.” I suddenly felt like the deadbeat I had previously believed myself not to be.

Since when was the definition for the word optional changed to mean mandatory? This seemed slightly ridiculous. Every child will be awarded a stuffed animal but mine, and it’s too late to even try to sell any because the deadline was last Friday. I guess I won’t make that mistake again. I will, from now on, fit the mold of a parent worthy have having their child go to such an enlightened public school. Lesson learned.

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