The other day something happened that was awful, unexpected, and very upsetting. I was robbed. No, I was not robbed in my home, thank goodness. It was my car. I had only left it alone for 20 minutes. It was daylight even. I am still very nervous about where I am financially now. I guess I wasnít prepared for something like this to happen. I was actually just going to the gym to workout. I left my credit cards in my car. Stupid, huh? I know I will hear my dad say how he has told me a million times not to do that, and itís true, he has.

The robber, or robbers, broke open the driver side window and immediately grabbed anything of value that they saw. I was horrified when I got out to my car. I was also very, very mad at myself for being so careless. I couldnít believe I had done that. I immediately called the police and they told me to cancel my debit card and any credit cards, so I did. I donít know when my car was actually broken into, but since I was only in the gym for 20 minutes I just assumed that there would not be any action on the cards yet. I was wrong. They must have immediately ran to the nearest gas station and loaded up on whatever it was they could get their hands on because $150 was spent right up the street from where I was parked. Then, believe it or not, they went to a grocery store and spent $330 that I didnít even have in the first place in my account. I donít even know how it got through on my debit card.

The one thing I do know is that the cashiers at these places are supposed to verify any signatures with the drivers license when a credit or debit card is used. This is supposed to be done to protect the consumer from fraud. I know this now because the police officers informed me of it. Now, because the cashiers did not do this, I may be liable for a percentage of the charges. This is something that could have been avoided had I not left my credit cards in the car, and had the cashiers at the grocery store and gas station actually done their jobs correctly. Iím wondering if I should sue.

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