I have to share a story about things that happen for a reason. I have always lived by this rule. I believe it to be true. I have a cousin who got married and decided after a few years that she and her husband were ready to have a baby. After 2 years of trying, they became discouraged. It took a toll on them personally. They tried to hide it, but I could see them looking at other couples with babies enviously.

Toward my cousins 30th birthday, she began to feel like maybe she was pregnant. She knew it was too early to tell, so she would wait another week or two and take a test. She was feeling really good about it. Then, on the morning of her 30th birthday it was confirmed that she was in fact not pregnant. My poor cousin spent the whole day in bed crying. She refused to answer the phone for anyone. Luckily her husband came home early to comfort her. My cousin is strong though and put on a brave face for everyone else.

Then the news came that someone in their church youth group was pregnant. She was only 16 and decided not to keep the baby after it was born. She specifically asked my cousin to be her baby’s mother. If my cousin had been pregnant, she wouldn’t have said yes to this young girl. So, exactly a year later on my cousins 31st birthday she brought home a baby boy from the hospital. They named him Eddie. They love him. They were meant to be his parents. She told me that a year ago it seemed like something like this would never happen. Now, she can’t even imagine feeling so in despair. She told me this happened for a reason.

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