I would like to warn anyone who will listen about the dangers of wicker. Yes, wicker. Mostly the thick kind that is more durable than the thinner wicker most baskets are made of. I know you may think that this is extremely trivial, but it is not. It is a real danger.

Have you ever had a wicker splinter so far deep into your nailbed that you want to rip your nail completely off just to get it out? The reason for the frustration and pain from it is because of the all of nerves at the end of your finger. I am not kidding or exaggerating. It is debilitating. You canít even use the finger with the splinter in it because of how painful it is.

The most embarrassing part of all of this is when I went to the doctor to have it removed. The woman behind the counter where I filled out my insurance information asked me what I was there for. I quietly said it was a splinter and I think I heard her snicker. The doctor even seemed to think it was silly, until he actually saw the splinter. It was unreachable without actually numbing the area and tearing at the nail to get it out. After the Novocain wore off, the pain associated with the splinter being pulled out was even worse than when it was in. I will never own another piece of wicker. I wonder if there is a phobia named after being scared of wicker.

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