Two days ago I noticed a problem in my kitchen: Little black ants. I only saw three at first, so I killed them. They are so small that at first I mistook them for coffee grounds. Considering I keep my kitchen very clean, I really didnít understand what they were doing there and I thought that the three I saw would be the last of them. They were not.

The next day there were a lot more. Almost as if the first three had gone back home and told their friends to come get food here before I had killed them. I was once more grossed out and watched them for a minute. They were not in a line like you would think, but were just circling around aimlessly and didnít even seem to know where they were going. My kitchen was still clean, no food around or drinks left out. I figured they must have been coming in through the window, so I got the caulk out and put a thick layer around the whole window. I figured that was it, I had fixed the problem. I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, there were more!

Other than being grossed out by having bugs on my kitchen counter, I was also angry. I hate chemicals being used in my house. Iím someone who cleans with vinegar and water. Still, I knew I had to get rid of them. I went online and did some research and saw that there were several natural remedies. I tried 50/50 solution of water and apple cider vinegar that deterred them initially, but then they seemed not to mind it so I was again upset. Right before I went out to buy some bug killer, I saw instructions on using cinnamon. Turns out they hate it. So now instead of ants running all over my kitchen counter, I have a long line of cinnamon. So far it seems to be working, even if it is kind of in my way and messy. Anything is better than having bugs out on the counter.

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