I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, but I have found the world’s most annoying cat. It is the Siamese cat. They are beautiful cats. They signify royalty and were a favorite breed among the ancient Egyptians. Buying a purebred Siamese cat can cost you around $100. They are popular because of their beauty. You will rarely see them as an outside cat because of how much they are worth.

The ideal setting for this breed would be a housecat that lives with 1 or two people. They are not normally friendly and usually stay to themselves. This is common with most cats; however, there are a lot of other characteristics associated with this breed as well. Did you know that this breed of cat is very vocal? Not just your normal cat vocal. Even if they are fixed, they will howl. They will howl more and more as they get older. When they enter a room, they will howl, whether or not it is 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. They will howl if you look at them, they will howl if you pet them, they will howl if they walk by you. It seems as if it is almost a constant as they get older.

Another annoying habit is that they like to fall asleep right up next to their favorite person. They are very territorial and when they decide one person belongs to them, at night they will sleep as close to, if not on top of, that persons head. They will purr as loud as they can because they are happy, but they will also howl as loud as they can to show displease when you move. Even though all of these traits make owning a Siamese cat annoying, I love having mine.

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