Kennel training a puppy sounds easy. They are small and everyone says that they love to have their own space, their own room to be comfortable in. That is wrong. No puppy wants to be in a kennel, especially at night in the dark by themselves. They are like children. They get scared and lonely. But, it is necessary since you cannot have a puppy running around the house making messes and getting into stuff. When you think about the pros and cons of it, it really makes sense to train the puppy in a kennel.

I have a new puppy. Well, not new. Sheís 6 months old now and kennel trained. But doing it initially was hard. I remember feeling so bad for her because she would cry all night and then I would be grossed out in the morning because she had almost always made a mess that required hosing down the whole kennel to clean it. Thinking back, Iím happy she made the mess there and not in the house. I canít hose down the inside of my house.

I am reminded of the early puppy days because yesterday she had problems getting into her kennel. Even though she is kennel trained, the truth is, she just wants to be around me, so it is hard to keep her in the kennel. She doesnít make messes anymore so I have blankets and stuffed animals in there for company, but she still wants to be free. So, I kept her out. She chose to sleep in the living. Or I assumed she would be sleeping. Instead she stayed up all night and chewed through most of the leg of my desk chair. I found this out because the next day when I sat at my desk, I immediately felt the leg give way where the dog had chewed and I fell onto the floor. For a moment I laid there, presumably in shock. Seeing me there, my loyal dog then felt it was okay to come up to me and lick me all over my face. I guess I canít be mad. She is just a dog.

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