Love Burns

The other night I was watching a news show. I canít remember what it was called, but it was an investigative story telling one that dedicates the whole hour to one story. Well, this story was about a couple and the couple fell in love and married, built a business together, established a savings account, and had kids. They seemed happy, until the wife found out the husband was trying to kill her. Itís awful that love would eventually turn to hate. I donít understand how someone goes from being in love and happy to the point where they will not settle to simply separate or divorce, but to them the obvious choice to dissolve their marriage is murder. How does it get that far? Actually, how does someone become so angry with someone?

In this particular story, the wife was not cheating or being abusive or lying or stealing. The husband was the one doing all of this and he still found it completely okay to make several failed attempts to poison her. Of course, when she found out and he was held accountable and arrested, he was very sorry to have done this. But, if she died he surely would have played the part of the mourning widower. The scariest part was when she said he was the perfect husband for 15 years until she found out about the poison. They never even fought because they seemed to like each other so much. They were perfect on the outside as well as on the inside. But deep down, this husband had this crazy hatred for his wife.

Iím fascinated with how a relationship turns sour from a once seemingly perfect, normal, and especially happy union. I understand the ones where the couple fought and had drama from the get go, but not the ones where they seemed normal. What happens to them? I do know some couples that have been married for over 20 years and the foundation of their relationship was built on drama, lies, and fighting. These couples seem to suddenly get to the point where they mellow out and settle for what they have and are content. A few of them I know even went through a second honeymoon phase. I guess whatever works. It is kind of scary to think that the person you trust and are sharing a bed with could be trying to kill you.

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