This morning I went on my normal jog. Every day I go the same route. I go at the same time. I see the same people. I enjoy this time in the early morning hours. It is one of the few moments I get to myself. Everything started the same this morning Ė except for one thing. Today it was foggy. I noticed that it was hard to see more than a few feet in front of me. I made sure to be careful and as I continued jogging.

That was when it happened. I heard the car accident before I actually saw it. It seemed louder than any other car accident in history could have ever been. I looked to my left and at the corner I saw the car involved. I had never been this close to an accident before and it hit me that I instinctively wanted to run away from it, scared of the what horrific scenes I may see if I approached. I felt like a terrible person, and then I heard a cry. Not a baby cry but a childís cry. The mother was already out of the car screaming for help because she couldnít reach the child and since it was a single car accident, I happened to be the only person there.

Suddenly I didnít think anymore. I did. I reacted. I ran to the car. It was upside down from hitting a pole. The screams from the mother were louder than the childís and my adrenaline suddenly overwhelmed any common sense I may have had. The mother and I, by ourselves, lifted the car over. It was partially already overturned, but somehow we accomplished turning it all the way over. Otherwise, we wouldnít have been able to reach the child. I took over then and squeezed through the window. The little boy couldnít have been more than 2 years old and was scared. I pulled him out of his car seat and handed him to his mom. He turned out to be fine. I am relieved. I am so glad I didnít keep running.

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