I am not sure why, but it has seemed everyone has forgotten my birthday. Two days ago it came and went without one phone call. Well, I got a phone call. It was from my mom. She really just called for no reason and we just talked. I purposely did not mention it was my birthday, in fact, I figured that there would be no reason to bring it up to my own mother. I assumed she was being silly and by the end of the conversation she would say happy birthday. So, we talked for about 15 minutes before I realized she was wrapping up the conversation and had to go. She and my father were going shopping.

I am not trying to sound selfish or childish, but it was my birthday! Doesnít my own mom remember the day she brought me into the world? Doesnít she remember the pain and agony along with the joy and peace of having a baby? It sounds like a pretty intense time in oneís life to ever forget the date that it happened. I mean, Iím not just disappointed. I am a little sad too. I know for a fact that they remembered my brotherís birthday because we all went out for dinner and it was arranged by my mom.

I feel like Iím in a movie. You know the one where everyone forgets someoneís birthday and they feel completely taken for granted and invisible. However, I should probably just suck it up and move on. After all, I am an adult. I do have a life with friends and activities, even though none of my friends acknowledged it either. Maybe next year I will call everyone in advance and casually bring up in conversation that my birthday is around the corner.

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