I have to say that being able to nurse a baby is probably one of the most natural and beautiful things to do. It must be so rewarding to know that you can nourish your baby with just your body. I am stressing the word baby because that is what nursing is for. Not toddlers or, school-aged kids. Does that sound weird that someone would nurse anyone older than 1 or 1 Ĺ years old? For some people, it doesnít.

I have witnessed something wrong. This is a friend of a friend, so I donít really even know her that well. My friend and I went to visit her at her house this weekend. She seemed normal, until her 3 year old came up to her, sat on her lap, unbuttoned her blouse and nursed. The funniest part was that no one skipped a beat in the conversation. I seemed to be the only one with a problem about this. Not only was she exposed, but her child that could talk was still nursing. This is not a baby. This is not someone who still needs the nourishment of breast milk or formula. This is a child that needs cowís milk and juice.

After we left I waited for my friend to say something. She didnít. She didnít even comment on what we had just seen. It was like this behavior is completely normal. Maybe I donít fully comprehend the bond between mother and child, but this doesnít seem right or good the kid. I donít see how it is when the child was able to actually do all the work themselves including using the bathroom afterwards and washing their own hands. I wonder what this mom will do when the child starts preschool. Will she send some breast milk with her for lunch?

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