I heard on the news the other day about the increased diagnoses for the disease dementia. I was upset to hear that because my own mother suffers from this very debilitating disease. I always knew what it was; I guess I never really cared about it because it wasnít directly affecting me or my family, until a few years ago.

It all started with my mom repeating stuff and telling weird stories. She would tell me a story about something that happened; only she never remembered that I was the one there in the first place. At first I ignored it. Doesnít everybody do this every once in a while? Then she would call me and tell me something one day, and call me and tell me the same thing the next day. She would have no recollection of the previous dayís conversation.

This is such a sad disease because you slowly watch the person you love loose themselves. Alzheimer disease is a form of dementia. More people are familiar with that. All I know is that I finally faced the facts and took her to a doctor. Everything has changed since then. She is now on medication that significantly improves her memory and functions so she can still live unassisted. However, I know the day is coming when she wonít be able to. She just seems so young. She is only 65. I guess itís more common in this age group than people think. In fact, the doctors say she may have been silently suffering from this disease for the past few years. I hold out hope that there is a cure someday for this. Itís too late for my mom now. Itís sad to think of the good years she would have had left without this holding her back.

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