The other night I was invited to a friendís house for a dinner party. I thought it was weird that I was invited for a dinner party and not just invited over for dinner. It sounded so formal and weird to have 2 of my closest friends use that phrase. Because of this I just assumed I should dress up a little bit and bring a nice bottle of wine. So I went to the dinner party. I was alone as usual so I immediately noticed that every other person there seemed to have brought someone of the opposite sex with them. I also noticed that I didnít know anyone there but my friends Danielle and Jake. Everyone else seemed to be familiar with each other.

I tried to brush it off and helped myself to some wine. I may have actually drunk a little too much since I have such a low tolerance for alcohol in the first place. I spent most of the time before dinner sitting by myself and watching the strangers around me when I noticed that two of the strangers were actually Danielle and Jake. It suddenly dawned on me that they had changed. Danielle was working a new job at some sort of bank and Jake was getting over paid to analyze something or other, I actually wasnít sure. It didnít matter. What mattered is that by the end of the night I had come to the realization that I didnít know 2 of my oldest friends anymore. I almost didnít even recognize them physically as well as how they acted in now in their new social circle of friends.

Of course this makes me sad because I am sentimental about things, but it really makes me reevaluate my own life. Iím not sure why Iím not more upset about how things are changing. I guess it is just life. I know they try to include me, but they know as well as I do that I just donít belong with them anymore. Oh well. I guess this is a common hazard of the way things go in any relationship.

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