Have you ever really disliked someone? Not to sound mean, but I really donít like this person. I didnít always dislike them. I use to think nothing of them, but now, I donít think I can ignore them. This person is my best friendís son. I know, I sound like an awful person. I sound like the worst person in the world. How can someone not like a kid? Well, itís easy. I donít like him. He is terrible!

Let me give you an example. I babysat this boy, Richie, for 2 hours the other day. He is almost 4. He came in and first off, he smelled like cheetos. However, Iím not even sure if he had even had any cheetos. I think he just smells that way. As soon as my friend left, he came unleashed. He wanted to go out and play. I told him it was raining and we couldnít, so I was going to make lunch and we could play a game. He actually hit me. Yup. And while I was making lunch, he ran outside the back door, grabbed a fist full of muddy grass and came running in to throw it on my floor. He didnít even laugh like a child when he was doing this. He yelled at me that I deserved it.

Iím not sure why this little monster is like this. His parents are the best, but a part of me wants to go over their house and smear mud all over this little boyís room.

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