I have decided on five reasons not to have carpet. I have always had carpet in my house, but I have never liked it. However, I always lived with it anyway. Here are my reasons:

  1. It is full of germs. Even after you vacuum. And then you are only picking up the stuff on top, nothing deep down. You think its clean after you run your vacuum, but its not.
  2. In order to get rid of germs in the carpet and clean up the ground-in dirt, you have to actually shampoo the carpet, either by renting a carpet shampooer or by buying one.
  3. Even after shampooing, it is only a matter of time before everything becomes trapped in the carpet again.
  4. Carpet carries allergens. Hair allergens, dust allergens, and any other type of allergens that can be found, only adding to the allergies you may already have.
  5. Carpet can stain, and sometimes no matter how much you shampoo it, the stains donít go away. They are embedded in the carpet, which is an eyesore every time you step in the room.

Now, I have to add that this is my own, personal opinion. Some people, like people in Alaska, have to have carpet because their houses get so cold. Can you imagine having hardwood floors that are practically frozen? So in that case, carpet is the best thing to have in the house. However, once I am able to, I think I will just have mine taken out and maybe put some hardwood floors down or something.

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